Jul 07 2017

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noun: collusion
secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
synonyms: conspiracy, connivance, complicity, intrigue, plotting, secret understanding, collaboration, scheming


We have heard a lot about collusion recently however collusion doesn’t just happen in DC, it happens and is happening in your own back yard.

Collusion to retain power and deny access.


State Party Rule Changes- Attempted and Otherwise

Recently a State party Committee member, Matt Hall posted on Facebook about “anonymous” Committee members proposals to the candidate process. One was to prevent any candidate for running for Lt. Governor other than the candidate nominated by the Gubernatorial nominee as opposed to currently where any candidate getting signatures from four County Chairs could run with a vote at the State Convention. The other was to increase candidate filing fees $3,000 for candidate running for Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State and a $500 filing fee for all other candidates. There has been no filing fee in the past

Just the other day Matt Hall posted that the proposal to prevent a delegate vote for a Lt. Gov nominee was voted down however the fee was not. For the record according to Matt this is how the vote went down


Many Conservative activists were hailing this as a big victory because it is rumored that a prominent grassroots activist and Party political class critic was going to run for Lt. Governor. So lets go back to 2014 to understand why Conservatives are hailing this as a victory.

The Party had a rule change prior to the 2014 Convention. The Rule change known as the “hard working Republican” meant that those in charge could authorize a “hard working Republican ” to be a voting delegate to the Convention. In the infamous 2014 County Conventions this rule was used to prevent any precinct delegate who was thought might vote for Wes Nakagiri who was running for Lt. Governor against Brian Calley, from going to the Convention as a voting delegate to insure Brian Calley would win.

This was not only a gross misuse of power but a total affront to the citizen voting process of electing precinct delegates. Disgraceful.

got ethicsHowever, the same rule is still in effect and can be used to prevent delegates who may be thought to vote for the grassroots activist. The only reason it was suggested was so the County Chairs would not have to go through the same “dirty deeds” process that was done in 2014. However, I have no doubt that should this particular grassroots activists decide to run we will see a duplicate of the 2014 County Conventions. Be prepared to go “under the radar” with precincts delegates.

As far as charging fees, I was told that Libertarian leaning Republicans complained (or maybe that is the excuse) about tax payers funding the Convention so the solution was to raise fees However, why shouldn’t the MIGOP be able to raise oodles of money since President’s Trump stunning victory and recent sweep of the GOP in all the Special elections? I thought Ron Weiser was voted in mainly because of his fund-rising abilities?

House Bill 4745 Why?

Another attempt to raise fees is a recently introduced bill and co-sponsored by none other than the wife of our current Lt. Governor, Julie Calley, House Bill 4745 “In lieu of filing a nominating petition, a nonrefundable filing fee of $400.00″ raising the fee from the current $100 dollars. So if you combine the State party rule plus this bill if enacted, the fee for a candidate to run right off the bat is $900.00.

Part Time Legislation Proposal and Why I am Against it

For the record I am for limiting the length of the legislative sessions so that legislators can be in the their districts and accessible to meet and hear from their constituents instead of introducing bill after bill, many for special interests that NO one not even the legislators themselves can keep up with. However, this is not the proposal to support.dog and Pony show2

“My proposal limits the legislature to 90 consecutive days of session and cuts the pay by more than half” Lt. Governor Brain Calley

A cheap political stunt to get Conservatives on board the “Calley Train” since its no secret Calley is flirting with running for Governor and Conservatives are not on board.

A power grab by the executive branch.

Since we have already term limits (and Calley’s proposal is not for a part time Governor) this gives the balance of power to the Governor’s office, and to donors and lobbyists.

Michigan would be the only state in America with such restrictive term limits and a part-time legislature.

Also the pool of worthy candidates would be severely limited. Since legislators salary would be cut in half, only candidates who could afford to have a limited income ($31,000) or take off three months from a current job could run so that leaves basically the wealthy or those funded by big money, PACs and special interests.

In addition, legislators would be able to ram through policy without the time for grassroots activists and others to mobilize and oppose bad policy.

How convenient for the political class, their wealthy special interest donors and lobbyist and oh yes Governor-King-elect Calley & Co.

The good news is the scheme isn’t going like Calley & Co. planned since the Conservatives he counted on to carry the water do not trust him and rightly so. Remember Calley was Governor’s Snyder’s right hand man for eight years pushing big Progressive policies like ObamaCare, Medicaid Expansion, taxpayer funded Bridge etc.

So this has prompted Calley & Co. to try and recently sweeten the pot (via paid operatives?) by proclaiming on social media “Revised Calley Part Time Legislature Proposal Ends “Lame Duck”

The ridiculousness is laughable. With Calley scheme the whole limited session with political class politicians will be a lame duck since there won’t be time for grassroots activists and others to mobilize and oppose bad policy!

And lastly the other big problem I have with the whole business is that when these attempts are made and fail, it makes it harder for a future, well thought out and crafted plan that does serve the best interest of Michigan’s citizens to succeed. Conservatives, please don’t shoot yourselves in the foot!

Follow the Money

So who is funding the part time legislation scheme?



Larry Meyer is listed as President. Larry Meyers is on the Board of Directors for Michigan Retailers Association (Insurance Director) and was past member of the Lansing City Council and was a board member of Lansing Community College.

Looking at available finance’s of FUND FOR MICHIGAN JOBS their revenue has steadily declined since 2008 to only $66,215 in 2014 which is the last available IRS 990-EZ filed form that I could find

So where did FUND FOR MICHIGAN JOBS get $200,000 to give to Calley’s PT legislator scheme? Unless someone can or will produce more recent IRS documents my suggestions is that someone has funneled money into FUND FOR MICHIGAN JOBS who wants or needs to remain anonymous, as you can not find out who has contributed to non-profits.

What is Larry Meyers getting out of this? I don’t know but being on the board of Michigan Retailers Association could it be a quid pro quo of favorable legislation when Calley becomes Gov-King? I really don’t know. But I do know that 98% of politics is what do I get out of it?

Oh by the way how much has Brian Calley donated to his own proposal?


Can you say… Cheap Cheap!


Gov. Snyder Wants You to Run for Office!

And lets just say Calley’s scheme passes (or even if it doesn’t). Who would be running for office? Well those who can get funded,(and pay those new fees). And funding could come from our soon to be departed dear Governor’s own RPA PAC!

Apparently Gov. Snyder is not too happy with our current House because it’s just to darn Conservative for him. So he is doing some recruiting for Progressive Republicans on his own.

From an email I received in May asking if I was running or knew of someone and please run right over to Snyder’s PAC and fill out the form!

I would suggest good Conservative potential candidate actors to fill out the form just to find out what the Governor has in mind for a “good public servant” Although I think we know, still it would quite interesting and I would be happy to report on your experience. You can email me at the “Email Us” link below.

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