Aug 23 2018

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Tonya and Tom – Election 2018

Renowned Pro-Life Activist Rebecca Kiessling Endorses Tonya Schuitmaker

Rebbeca K

I’m honored to second the nomination of Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker for Attorney General at the Michigan Republican Convention tomorrow! Tonya has worked hard to protect rape victims and their children, including her support for the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act which ultimately protected my client Tiffany when she faced the Sanilac County Judge who had initially granted her rapist parental rights. Tonya hosted Tiffany and I at the Capitol to raise more awareness and support for women who become pregnant after rape. She has a 100% pro-life voting record for the last 14 years while serving in the state legislature, she’s sponsored a multitude of pro-life bills, and is endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan’s PAC.
I attended all 3 years of Wayne State Law School with the Democrat nominee Dana Nessel, and I’ve debated her on Fox 2 Let It Rip. Dana is as harsh as she was in law school. We need a Republican nominee who is sharp, strong, and dynamic. This is why I endorsed Tonya when she first announced her candicacy. I ask my fellow Republicans to join me in supporting Tonya Schuitmaker for Attorney General at the state convention!


“All that Glitter’s is not Gold”

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations,or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” John Adams

IN THIS ISSUE – Ours Newsletter Edition May be Found by clicking HERE

MYTHS: Is Tom Leonard more Conservative than Tonya Schuitmaker?
PACS vs Personal Contribution and Small Donations
Comic Relief or DEMOCRAT AMMNO?

For anything who knows me or has read these Newsletter over the years you know I am a “fact finder” and researcher” providing cites.

I wasn’t vested in the AG race between Tom Leonard and Tonya Schuitmaker meaning I had not endorsed either one although I will admit I am no Leonard fan as I know Clinton County (where Leonard lives) Conservative grassroots, more on that later.
I am not going to Convention

However it was a scurrilous attack on Tonya Schuitmaker being pushed on Social Media( more on that) that grabbed my attention and I decided to dig deeper. I soon came to an obvious conclusion as to who is the better candidate and the better candidate to defeat Dana Nessel.

I also believe that people need to be FULLY informed in order to make a qualified decision especially Convention delegates who will be voting on candidates that will affect our future as Michiganders.


tom and JohnIs Tom Leonard more Conservative than Tonya Schuitmaker?

Not according to these Conservative ranking scoreboards including one by Conservative blogger Jason Gillman
RightMi Scorecard 2017-2018 Created by JGillman
Tonya 75%
Tom 63%

Key votes 2017-Liberty warrior


MI Conservative Union 2015/16

MIRS 2017

Tax-Liberty Warrior 2017/18

Corporate Welfare-Liberty Warrior 2017

2017 Freedom Index

Right MI-2017/18


Clearly Tonya has a more Conservative Voting Record



I ask myself two questions when looking at financial records, One did the candidate give his own money? If their not vested in their own campaign,why should I be? Is their more PAC money than small donations from real people who believe a candidate will best serve their interests
When researching financial I did not find that Tom put in his own personal money.

I found that 99% of Tom Leonard’s donations were from PACS and very few (including Leonard staffers) were from citizen voters, small donors

Tonya put in thousands of dollars of her own personal money and had small donors, $50, $25


Rotten to the Common Core

Rotten to the Common Core

In 2013 a common core subcommittee convened to examine the new standards. A resolution, Substitute for House Concurrent Resolution No. 11.

See Resolution HERE

Was passed by both chambers. The resolution authorized the locals to use their own standards and curriculum. Because the State Board of Education has the authority according to the Michigan Constitution to choose the state standards, the resolution was the only avenue able to be taken.

Subsequent legislation banning common core will never hold up since the SBE has all authority. Voting for the resolution was voting for local authority. Those voting against believed the locals should not choose their own curriculum and standards.

Tonya voted for the Resolution because she believes in local control.

Tonya also was the co-sponsor of Senator Patrick Colbeck’s Common Core bill, SB 826

“Education; curriculum; implementation of certain curriculum standards and assessments in place of common core curriculum standards and assessments in this state; require.



Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 12.36.43 PMNo one would disagree that that the kid gloves have been taken off in this race (more on this later.) However, the absolute bottom of the barrel is to use others to do your dirty work, John Yob, Leonard’s very expensive political consultant who paid low lifers like Brandon Hall to push on Social Media a completely atrocious non issue as an issue in an attempt to smear Tonya’s pro-life credentials.

To illustrate the caliber of character of convicted felon Brandon Hall:

Jury finds Grand Haven man guilty of election fraud

Convicted of embezzling, Grand Haven School Board member Brandon Hall denies using cash to buy marijuana

The narrative was that Tonya actually co-sponsored a Resolution to support Roe v Wade!
Of course EVERYONE knew that was false.

Tonya has a solid pro-life voting record

Scouring Senate Journals Tom’s operatives found an obvious mistake, Tonya’s name had been mistakenly placed under a Resolution supporting Roe v Wade Senate Resolution No. 15 as opposed to where it should have been, the Resolution immediately below the Roe v Wade one, Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 7 See Journal entry page 147 HERE

I called the Secretary to the Senate, Jeff Cobb as I did not know procedure and wanted to educate myself on not only procedure but the probability of mistakes and how they are rectified.

Jeff told me that of course mistakes happen before the Journal is printed. Tonya most probably circled the wrong Resolution as the Resolution she was supporting was right under the Roe v Wade Resolution
Printed Journals are not changed but mistakes and additions are included in preceding Journals.

As soon as she saw the mistake she send a letter to the Secretary asking her name to be removed per procedure which he did and it was entered in a preceding Journal.

Her request can be found page 165 HERE

The corrected Resolution is found HERE

You can call him too
Jeff Cobb
Secretary of the Senate
S-5 Capitol Building

Lansing, MI 48909
PHONE (517) 373-2400

Comic Relief or Democrat Ammo?
Tom Leonard as “Columbo”

Leonard Columbo


First of all what exactly are the duties of an Attorney General?

Attorney General Duties

The Attorney General is the state’s top lawyer and law enforcement official, protecting and serving the people and interests of Michigan through a broad range of duties. The Attorney General’s responsibilities include safeguarding the public from violent criminals, helping victims of crime, leading the fight against human trafficking and opioid abuse, preserving Michigan’s spectacular natural resources, protecting consumers and addressing illegal business practices.

Overseeing more than 500 lawyers, investigators, and other employees, the Attorney General:

Represents the People of Michigan in civil and criminal matters before trial courts, appellate courts and the supreme courts of Michigan and the United States.
Serves as legal counsel to state officers and, with few exceptions, to state agencies, boards and commissions.
Assists prosecuting attorneys, local law enforcement and federal criminal justice agencies in the administration of justice.
Renders opinions on questions of law when requested to do so by the governor, legislature, or any other state officer.
Prepares and reviews contracts and agreements involving the State of Michigan.
Manages programs and special projects to detect and crack down on fraudulent, unfair and illegal activities that victimize consumers or threaten public safety.

“If I wasn’t in the courtroom, I got to go out in the streets with the officers and help them do their thing.”- Tom Leonard speaking at St. Clair GOP Lincoln Dinner 2017, video published 10-17-17, starting 6:11:

Genesee County assistants where Tom was employed don’t go to crime scenes and cross police yellow tape as he depicts himself here.
How do I know? I called Genesee County Prosecutors Office

You can call the office too

Toll Free: 1-888-443-1505

However, the real point is that Tom Leonard did not “put away some of the worst dangerous criminals.”


Recent Information:


From a Facebook friend Party activist who wishes to remain anonymous:

Btw 3 years 9 months active practice of law Corrections division of the attorney generals office kicks frivolous cases by prisoners. That’s where Tom Leonard worked. They have a 99.5% win rate. How do I know? I did my legal internship there. Someone has to do it, but there isn’t big criminal cases. Even I got 4 cases kicked In 4 months and NEVER went to trial. I GUARANTEE you Tom didn’t take the lead on ANY trial there. Guarantee it. His superiors were my instructors on the internship. 3 years 9 months versus 10 1/2 years for Tonya. No offense to the people working there but it’s not a premier assistant attorney general job.

Should our attorney general candidate be someone with 3 years and 9 months active practice of law? I think that number is damning.


An important part of the nomination process includes vetting Republican candidates, so the Democrats do not blindside us in the general election.

Last Thursday, information about Tom Leonard was received from Attorney General Bill Schuette’s Office, based on a Freedom of Information request. Combined with information gathered previously from the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office, there is, to put it kindly, huge doubt about Tom Leonard’s claims on the campaign trail regarding his work as a prosecutor. I expect the Democrats already gathered this information and are simply waiting and hoping Tom Leonard becomes the nominee.

Clearly, it would be a disaster for us to nominate a candidate whose much-touted prosecutorial experience turns out to be preliminary examinations and misdemeanors rather than felony jury cases. It would be politically brutal for us if our nominee’s claims of prosecuting “all the major drug dealers” amounted to handling paperwork rather than leading the prosecution of these criminals in court.

Tom Leonard’s Bold Claims About Putting Dangerous Criminals Behind Bars:

“I put some of the state’s worst criminals behind bars”

- Tom Leonard, Campaign website (1-26-18)

“My life experience putting criminals behind bars as an assistant Genesee County prosecutor”

- Tom Leonard, Announcement Email 10-5-17 

His campaign website: “Tom served as an Assistant Attorney General, and as a prosecutor for Genesee County, where he prosecuted some of Michigan’s most dangerous criminals while assigned to the Special Crimes Division in Flint.”- Tom Leonard’s Campaign website, About Tom (1-26-18)

Tom Leonard’s Own Resume and Evaluations:

According to Tom Leonard’s own resume, for 24 of the 33 months he worked in the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office, he:

Handled “preliminary examinations”. A preliminary exam decides if a case will go forward to trial. The prosecutor at the trial lays out the evidence and puts dangerous criminals behind bars.

Was “assigned specifically to the … District Court”. The Circuit Court handles felony trials, not the District Court. The District Court handles misdemeanors and preliminary examinations.

Two months before Tom Leonard was laid off, his supervisor wrote, “I think that once Tom gains some more experience by trying some jury trials, he will be an excellent Circuit Court attorney.” [7-29-10 Supervisor’s Evaluation] He was evidently assisting people and involved with paperwork, which is a valuable service, but according to his supervisor, Tom had not tried a felony jury trial as of just before he was laid off.

Tom Leonard’s Bold Claims About Prosecuting Drug Dealers:Leonard as drug fighter

“In my last 18 months that I was there, I was actually assigned to our undercover drug division. Myself and one other prosecutor, we prosecuted all the major drug dealers in the city of Flint”

- Tom Leonard speaking at St. Clair GOP Lincoln Dinner 2017, video published 10-17-17, Starting at 6:11:

“In my last year and a half there, I was assigned to our Special Crimes Division, where we did anything that was high profile, in the media, high profile murders, gang activity. I was one of the two that actually handled all the major drug dealers.”

- Tom Leonard speaking to Lapeer County Tea Party, video published 7-17-17 starting at 3:44:

Tom Leonard’s Bold Claims About Working Out in the Streets:

Tom Leonard’s Own Resume and Evaluations:

Tom Leonard’s resume says he, “volunteered on several ride-along details” and drafted “dozens” of warrants. Yes, all of the campaign talk about working with officers on the streets amounted to him riding along “several” times and drafting “dozens” of documents.

The only case he handled in circuit court was to “second chair” a murder trail

What does it mean to second chair??

Second chair means a lawyer who helps the lead attorney in court. The services of second chair includes examining some of the witnesses, arguing some of the points of law, handling parts of the voir dire, and presenting the opening statement or closing argument. Hence, second chair offers every level of training, support, and consultation for the trial attorney preparing a case for trial. A second chair can execute any task as long as it is done under the supervision of an attorney on the list. Generally, the courts will not make any payment to the second chair.
Second Chair Law and Legal Definition

First Chair is the lead attorney in a case.


We Need to Nominate the Candidate Who Can Win in November


In my 24 years as an attorney, I have handled countless cases both criminal and civil. I was a partner in private practice for over a decade, signing both sides of the paycheck. I believe this is an important perspective to bring to the Attorney General’s office. Additionally, less than 30% of the cases handled by the Attorney General’s office are criminal. The vast majority is civil. I’m the only Republican candidate with this experience. As we head into the general election, it’s imperative that we nominate our strongest candidate to defeat Dana Nessel. I have won in counties that voted for former President Barack Obama twice. I’m a proven winner. I will defeat Dana Nessel, uphold the rule of law, and protect our constitutional rights.


Tom send his phone number out in a flier for people to call and ask him “anything” 1-810-730-7007

Questions for Tom Leonard

How long did you work as an assistant prosecutor in Genesee County?

And to clear the record did you resign in lieu of getting fired? Did you give campaign donations to David Layton while assisting the Schuette AG campaign?

How many criminal trials did you try before a judge? Which chair were you-2nd , 3rd?
Have you ever tried a case as lead attorney in Circuit Court? If not, what did you do to assist on one?
How many civil cases have you tried?

What are your accomplishments as Speaker of the House?

SIDEBAR: Its important to understand the job of House Speaker. The job is to get things done and you don’t do that by putting bills up for a vote you supposedly want to pass when you know you Do NOT have the votes.
The job is to convince the members of your own Caucus to vote BEFORE you put a bill up for a vote thereby assuring the desired bill (policy) DOES pass

If you can’t convince members of your own Caucus to vote on desired policy your NOT an effective leader

Why did you remove Jason Sheppard from his chairmanship after he voted no on the income tax bill? According to the rules you should have had a committee hearing on the matter. Did that occur?

Why were you removed as HRCC chair? How do you explain raising such a large amount into your own accounts instead of helping the caucus?

Have you contributed any of your own money to your campaign? If not, how can you criticize someone who has invested their own money and call it debt?

Why have you not passed HB 4220, meter choice legislation? Do you support or oppose smart meter technology and the 5G network? Why?



Dirty deedsI have conservative grassroots friends in Clinton County. Hard working grassroots who helped built the Clinton County GOP Party. Over time I have received many messages from these grassroots depicting and detailing how Tom and Janelle Leonard worked to purge them from the Clinton County GOP Party.

I wrote a post in 2014 about first person account of County Conventions across the state. Included in this post was eye witness account of what happened to Conservative grassroots entitled, “Age Old Human Condition Rears its Ugly Head -County Convention Aftermath HERE

The following is an exert from Clinton County grassroots Conservatives:

Clinton County

On Thursday evening Clinton County held its GOP county convention with the “anticipation of issues” with “newly elected” precinct delegates pre-positioned for the sole purpose of being elected to the state GOP convention on August 23rd to re-elect Lt. Gov. Calley.

Chairman Steve Willis held steadfast with integrity and chaired a very well organized and methodical convention. While he requested names prior to the convention of those that wanted to be on the ballot, he allowed attendees to submit their names to be added if they were present. With 54 names appearing on the ballot, a majority of precinct delegates in attendance were “not regular attendees” what so ever!

Many of the elected delegates who have done the work, donated large amounts of time, money, sweat equity, studying the issues, attending meetings, events and conventions for years upon years were dumbfounded on who these people were?

If you were familiar with the downtown Lansing political scene, you would have recognized the numerous lobbyists and republican support staffers who had just recently and out of nowhere submitted their names and won their precinct delegate races.

Tom Leonard, the current Clinton County State Representative and his wife, Jenell Leonard, who is a Calley staffer, orchestrated this whole coup d’état by carefully recruiting their new found friends, colleagues, underlings and so-called Christian brothers and sisters to be in on this overthrow to secure Calley’s reelection since he cannot obviously get reelected on his own merit and character.

The true conservatives were the steadfast individuals who have toiled over the last four years (actually decades) to make Clinton County a force to be reckoned with, and a thorn in the side of the state party. Not because of defiance but for standing up for principle, legislative issues and ethics that have been severely lost by the MRP.

These hardworking conservatives were outnumbered two to one over the RINOS that appeared like phantoms to elect their slate of delegates, elect Jenell Leonard as their state convention chair and then disappear into the night again, never to be seen or heard from when in actuality the real work has to be done by those involved at the local level. These so called delegates are not!

The so called “true conservatives” won the night but the fight is not over. The establishment will continue to work to dominate the process behind the scenes to get Tom Leonard into a leadership position in the caucus and pose as the nice guy who is working for his constituents.

The reality is that he is a puppet for the Governor’s office and is too close to the Governor’s agenda which will continue to be implemented if he and his wife are able to fool / seduce more conservatives in the process. Clinton county deserves better !

And unfortunately it continues!

I received this shortly after this years Clinton County Convention

I am a precinct delegate in Clinton County. Last night was the county convention and I can tell you there is a whole lot of dirty going on. The room was PACKED, like four years ago, with Leonard supporters to make sure that Tom is elected Attorney General. It was absolutely disgusting! The chairman was given a letter written by Tonya to be read. While he read the treasure/secretary of the CCRP actually sat at the table and smirked while it was read. It was disgusting and disheartening the way the “tea party” group was treated. I and my husband will be going to the State Convention as alternates 2 and 3. Anne Hill is alternate 1. She ran for Tom’s position as representative of the 93 against Graham Filler, who got $150,000 from DTE Consumers CEME to buy his vote to get those smart meters installed across Michigan. It was a massacre with Jenell Leonard at the helm

And another:

This is why Anne Hill lost as the follow up to Tom Leonard here in clinton county ! 150 k spend on tv ads during FOX news AM and pm, Dark money’s servant in Lansing delivers




I think it pretty clear based on the totality of the facts I have presented here that Tonya Schuitmaker is not only more Conservative but the better candidate to beat the Democrat opponent.Tonya picture

However, I would like to bring up a couple of points I have yet to mention…

1. Attack ads

I know there have been complaints about attack ads and negativity however, attack ads work
I want someone who is a Pit Bull going up against the Democrat, a fighter with no holds barred and that will use proven methods that work!

“If you’re sick of all those negative political ads that run on television before Election Day, well, you’re out of luck. Those ads—which many people say they hate—run for a reason: They work.”
Why attack ads work

How Political Attack Ads Work

This article makes the same point I am making in this article FACTS: “For that reason, it’s important for voters to act much like savvy consumers, filtering the marketing messages tossed their way during campaign season in the same way they might with product commercials. ”

2. Women Candidates

It is clearly an advantage to have a women candidate opposing a women candidate.

Two women can go head to head No holes barred instead of a man who believes he has to hold back so as not to “offend” women voters.

Leonard can’t attack a woman on pro life and other woman’s issues as hard or effectively as Tonya.


In the end coupled with all the facts I have presented, I agree with a fellow Conservative activist here:

“Tonya is my Senator. She works hard to listen to her constituents.

I respect her honesty. She has never lied or obfuscated to me. I respect this very much.

Tom told me he would lead the House to a vote on Gary’s bill. He assured us he could move it forward. He did not. He never even cosponsored the bill.

He put other bills on the floor for a vote that the caucus did not support. Why not this one?

In my opinion, Tom demonstrated himself to be untrustworthy or incapable. Tonya demonstrated herself to be honest, open and accountable.


Thank YOU for all you do, you are the heart and soul of a free Michigan!

Joan Fabiano, founder Grassroots in Michigan

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  1. Sovereign Mary

    The Yob family of political consultants have long been known for their underhanded strategies.
    Whoa, but I did not know about the convictions of Brandon Hall, of whom I recently unfriended and blocked.
    “Brandon Hall:
    Jury finds Grand Haven man guilty of election fraud

    Convicted of embezzling, Grand Haven School Board member Brandon Hall denies using cash to buy marijuana.”

    1. Joan

      Yup a real piece of work and working for Tom

  2. Randy Bishop

    Thank you Joan Fabiano for the time and effort spent in providing all of your research and facts. The number of links, phone numbers and verifiable information you provided is very impressive. I talked about in on my radio show today, even had Tonya Schuitmaker in my 3rd hour of my show, which aired on WAAM – 1600 (Ann Arbor) to talk about your article.

    In case you missed it, click on this link to hear it;


  3. tomurich

    Just did my research. This article is filled with misleading data – especially the support for which Schuitmaker has for Common Core. That’s enough. Tom Leonard is better qualified and I will not support a conservative who swings on a pendulum.

  4. Joan

    Your comments are empty rhetoric. Care to refute the so called “misleading data” Care to explain why Tom Leonard is a “better candidate” with the preponderance of evidence in this article, none of which you can refute?

  5. Steve and Sue Smith

    Don’t worry Tom we all got the same answer from her. We know nothing, our facts are rhetoric, you can’t refute anything,, she is the only one with the answers …….. Your answer was spot on about misleading as was mine where I gave here the 19 judges and their courts that Tom had appeared before. She has also been told she can call him but prefers to wallow in her “facts”. Facts which have been countered and disproved. She just goes to another site and starts all over again with this same verbiage. Thanks for seeing through it.

  6. Joan

    I have the option of allowing or trashing comments. I allowed Steve’s to illustrate how Tom Leonard is desperate. His sycophants are trolling and can’t refute a SINGLE thing in this post. This is the results of people not doing their own research and therefore fall victim to Group Think where reality does not enter because individual thought is sacrificed. It is how cults operate
    The Cult of Leonard

    But thanks for giving my site your traffic Steve

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