Sep 25 2018

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Michigan Election News – You Need to Know!

Michigan Voters,

Houston we have a problem. RINOs, Never Trumpers and deep state Michigan operatives are obstructing keeping Michigan Red.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.06.16 PMWe are at war here not just with radical Progressive like Gretchen Whitmer (#GreedyGretchen) and her avowed Socialist Move On member running mate,  Garlin Gilchrist II  but for a Conservative Republican Party Platform.

A line has been drawn and President Trump drew it, your either support Conservative Republican Party Platform principles or you are seeking to change it into a moderate, left leaning Party.

So in case you have not heard…

Some Republicans uniting behind Democrat Gretchen Whitmer for governor

Republicans split from party, form coalition to “help elect Whitmer” as Michigan governor
Now many of these people on this list were never really Platform Republicans, they were and are RINOs and Never Trumpers.

John Sellek is absolutely correct here… John Sellek, a spokesperson for Schuette, said, “The Lansing-Ingham political establishment opposes Attorney General Schuette because he was unafraid to take them on in the Flint water case, the Nassar investigation and prosecution, and when he stepped in to clean up the Ingham County mess in the Dunnings case. Gretchen Whitmer’s unaccomplished record at all of her political stops makes clear she will not be the one to stand up to them in the future.”

Its pretty obviously these people don’t care for the best interest of Michigan and instead have engaged in a case of petty revenge for what they hope will be political gain.

And speaking of petty and political gain where is our Governor and Lt. Governor? Neither one has endorsed Schuette

1. Its NO secret Gov. Snyder is a moderate. Gov. Snyder hates Schuette for prosecuting cases in the Flint Water Fiasco, when really he has NO one to blame but himself for not getting in front of the whole issue and allowing Democrats to control the narrative.
Sour grapes with a plan.

2. Lt. Gov. Calley  Like Snyder Calley is calculating that Schuette will lose. He will step in with a “I told you so” The Party is too radical right, it needs to be more moderate and I have a plan to resurrect it! Sour grapes with a plan.

Calley has a ton of money left over from his phony still active Committee “Clean MI” Part Time Legislator Proposal that never made the ballot. He has $$1,324,303.27 in “Unitemized” money. He can use that money now in a variety of ways.

State disclosure reports show the “Clean Michigan” committee had raised more than $1.3 million through Feb. 10. The nonprofit Fund for Michigan Jobs, which has ties to Calley but does not disclose donors, contributed $1.05 million

Who is the “Fund for Michigan Jobs”
:Calley’s part-time legislature bid taps ‘dark money’

“The Fund for Michigan Jobs was formed in 2008, while Calley served in the state Legislature. His brother, Steven Calley, originally served as vice president of the nonprofit board, but “he is no longer involved and hasn’t been for a long time,” Llewellyn said.

In 2014, the fund reimbursed Calley for sponsoring two Michigan Special Olympians and sponsored a state employee 5-kilometer run that the lieutenant governor helps organize, according to IRS records. Lewellyn said the fund has also supported some of Calley’s work with autistic children.

Calley launched the Clean MI petition drive May 30 on Mackinac Island after a separate independent political action committee ran a series of ads that appeared to tease his potential run for governor to succeed Gov. Rick Snyder, who cannot seek re-election due to term limits. A day after the petition drive announcement, the Fund for Michigan Jobs donated $200,000 to the cause.

The contribution was by far the largest the committee had received through June 9, representing 98.5 percent of its donations in the 10 days following launch. Clean MI reported raising another $2,956 from 26 smaller donors, including $100 from Calley himself.

Calley used “Clean Michigan” to get Conservative on board with his campaign and to obtain the names and contact information for his next political move
Part-time Legislature petition drive folds for 2018

More controversy for Brian Calley’s Clean Michigan drive  

Oh BTW one of the Never Trumpers uniting behind “Democrat Gretchen Whitmer for Governor” IS Richard McMellan” who has close ties to Calley”

“Capo Richard “Richie the Boot” McMellan who formed a shadowy 527 Group, Michigan Advocacy Trust (financial donors unknown) was tapped to send out mailers in at least four counties that highlight so-called “true conservatives” in contested precinct delegate races. ”True Conservatives” meaning being loyal to Godfather Calley.”
“VOTER’S GUIDE and the MIGOP Mafia” Aug. 2014

And as you recall Calley rescinded his support for President Trump

Lt. Gov. Calley renounces his support of Trump

Could it be that Calley and Snyder are really the bigwigs behind the “Republicans uniting behind Democrat Gretchen Whitmer for governor????”

(BTW the rumor is that Gov. Snyder is waiting until after the election to appoint to a replacement for retiring  30th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Collette (he retired in April of this year) in case his appointment to the Michigan Supreme Court Beth Clement is not elected )

Nolan Findley’s opinion piece address the seriousness of Snyder withholding his support.

Finley: Snyder obliged to protect his legacy

unholy alliance“Rick Snyder has no use for Bill Schuette, the Republican attorney general seeking to succeed him as governor. But he is intensely interested in his own legacy, and in assuring the policies he’s put in place to restore Michigan’s prosperity survive long enough to become ingrained in the state’s DNA…..Yet the animus Snyder feels toward Schuette apparently outweighs his self-interest in preserving the hard-won gains that have made Michigan stronger during his eight-year tenure. Snyder has not endorsed Schuette, and is not working on his behalf, even though the Republican nominee says he will continue pressing the Snyder comeback agenda if elected….Detroit News pollster Richard Czuba of the Glengarifff Group notes that Snyder has a relatively high approval rating for a governor completing two terms. He believes Snyder could keep home those Republicans who are lukewarm to Schuette.

What’s at stake are the business tax and regulatory reforms that Democrats continue to denounce, but which have produced more jobs and higher wages. Democrats looking to raise funds for road repair and schools would turn first to higher taxes on business.

WhitmerI would add there is more at stake should LINK: radical Leftist #GreedyGretchen Whitmer be elected. Michigan’s ELLIOTT-LARSEN CIVIL RIGHTS ACT would be in danger. Its been a long time mission of Progressives to add “homosexual, transgendered” and who else knows what to Michigan’s civil right law making it open season on every Christian run private business who refuses on their 1st Amendment rights to participate in any way the promotion of these types of behaviors.

The bottom line is there are two choices that have a chance of winning the governorship in Michigan, Bill Schuette or #GreedyGretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s “Feel the Burn” radical pro-abort, anti RTW, Granholm-lite Progressive Leftist, and her avowed Socialist and MoveOn member Lt. Gov.

Now Bill Schuette was not my 1st pick but Greedy Gretchen would NEVER, EVER be my pick default or otherwise!

So for those of you on the fence, thinking of not voting, voting for third Party, let me ask you this question, Whose policies would be more harmful to Michigan??

Do you remember the “Lost Decade??”
Michigan’s ‘Lost Decade’ Was Historic

State suffered the fourth worst economic drop from 2000-2009 going back to the Great Depression

Michigan has not been a Red state since 1988. EVERYTHING about this election INCLUDING the Ballot proposals (more on these later) is geared by the Leftists to keep Michigan Blue in 2018 AND the long term goal of Election 2020 of continuing to obstruct President Trump’s policies which 99% Republican Platform policies which are working to provide jobs, a robust economy, protection of our borders, our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights,appointing judges who rule Constitutionally to benches across America.

DNA Results NO DEMI am putting aside my personal feelings ( I abhor his pick for Lt. Gov.) voting Schuette because the other option is just too horrifying for Michigan and I am not willing to subject Michigan to another Lost Decade.  Jennifer Granholm nearly destroyed Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer will finish the job. Also because I have more power to have my voice heard with Schuette. With #GreedyGretchen I will have none, zada, zip, zero.

I believe we need to contact the Governor and Lt. Governor and ask them both to put their personal feelings aside, stop playing political games and consider the BEST interest of Michigan’s citizens and our future.



Contact the Governor

Governor Rick Snyder
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
517-335-7858 (Constituent Services)

Contact the Lt. Governor

Contact Lt. Governor Brian Calley via:

Lt. Governor Brian Calley
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909

#GreedyGretchen #NoMIProp1 #NoMIProp2 #NoMIProp3 #TCOT

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