Oct 09 2018

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Who is Gretchen Whitmer & Garlin Gilchrist??

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.06.16 PMIn this Issue:
Who is Gretchen Whitmer & Garlin Gilchrist??
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Gretchen Whitmer Bill Schuette Debate Schedule


Democrat DNA

Gretchen Whitmer’s father Richard, was the director of the state Department of Commerce under former Gov. William Milliken
Milliken was one of those Republicans in Name Only (RINO)
“Grand Traverse County Republicans have voted to no longer recognize Gov. William Milliken as a Republican. Party delegates passed the resolution at a convention in Grand Traverse County on Thursday night.

Milliken, a longtime Traverse City resident who is the longest serving governor in Michigan history, announced that he was endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton for president last week……Milliken has endorsed other Democrats before, including John Kerry in 2004 and Gary Peters during the 2014 U.S. Senate election “Grand Traverse GOP denounces Governor Milliken

Sherry (her mother) was one of the top attorneys working for former attorneys general Frank Kelley and Jennifer Granholm.

Her parents divorced when she was 10, however Whitmer had a “comfortable life,” (apparently a media euphemism for privileged but only used for Liberals)

She interned with with state Rep. Curtis Hertel, D-Detroit,

Gretchen Whitmer was in the legislature for fourteen years.

Whitmer Liberal“She was the mouthpiece, the spokesperson for the left, for the Democrats…” said former Sen. Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, who served with Whitmer for 14 years.

“My name was not on Medicaid expansion, but it never would have happened without the work that I did,” Whitmer said.

Not her Party’s First Choice

But her campaign has had hiccups. She’s on her third campaign manager and third spokesman for the race.

For several months, influential members of the Democratic Party, including Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and the leadership of the UAW, searched for a different Democrat with better name recognition to run for the office — such as U.S. Sen. Gary Peters of Bloomfield Township or U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee of Flint Township or even a candidate with more finances to bring to the table, such as Ann Arbor attorney Mark Bernstein.  Gretchen Whitmer’s perplexing problem in race for Michigan governor

Anti 2nd Amendment 

Wants tougher gun laws, including universal background checks on gun purchases and a ban on assault-style weapons. Gretchen Whitmer on Gun Control

Legalized marijuana:

Voted NO on medical marijuana. (Nov 2013)
But supports legalization for recreational use. Gretchen Whitmer on Drugs

Plays both Sides

Whitmer taxing corporations while at the same time voting to fund corporate subsidies

Shift tax burden to corporations. (Oct 2017) Gretchen Whitmer on Corporations

While in the legislature Greedy Gretchen voted for over $4.5 BILLION in taxpayer funded corporate handouts. GreedyGretchen.org


Radical Feminist
You may recall the  infamous V-girls” former House Reps. and uber Progressive and radical feminists Barb Byrum (current Ingham County clerk)and Lisa Brown (current Oakland County Clerk both barred from speaking on the floor of the Michigan state legislature during a House session on a bill that would restrict abortions after 20 weeks

Brown  “failed to maintain the decorum of the House of Representatives.”,in which she said,”Finally, Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no,’” Brown said at the end of her speech Wednesday.” (Republicans were more concerned with Brown’s use of the phrase “no means no,” which some male and female lawmakers interpreted as a reference to rape, and said her statement compared the legislation to rape.)

And Barb Byrum, after introducing her amendment to the abortion bill, which would have banned men from getting a vasectomy unless they could provide proof that it was a medical emergency.

“If we truly want to make sure children are born, we would regulate vasectomies,” Byrum said Thursday

After this Felliniesque incident on the House floor, Lisa Brown “performed” in “The Vagina Monologues”  with 10 other uber Progressive Democrat legislators and along side the “playwright” Eve Ensler on the steps of the Capitol to protest and to highlight apparently the power of just saying the word vagina? Really, I am not sure?

One of those legislators was, yup you guessed it Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing

Both Brown and Byrum went on to other acts of infamy during the battle to backdoor Michigan’s Elliot Larson law to include “sexual ordination” i.e.  same sex marriage. “Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum demonstrated a lawlessness and disregard for Michigan law when after being ordered in an email (to all county clerks) by Michigan’s attorney general to “not to grant gay marriage licenses if Friedman were to have overturned the state ban.” because the state’s intention was to ask for an emergency appeal (which they did and was granted)


Radical Pro-Abort

Will stop anti-choice legislation

Whitmer said she would work to stop anti-choice legislation and “continue to protect the investments that we Whitmermake in our local public health offices-education for young people, access to birth control.” Whitmer hopes Democrats take back the Michigan House but said, “if necessary, I have got the backbone of titanium to hold the line on further attacks eroding women’s health care.” Source: Rewire News on 2018 Michigan Governor race , Nov 1, 2017

Supports Planned Parenthood 
Restore funding to Planned Parenthood so that women and men have access to preventative care like screenings and checkups, contraception, and maternity care. Source: 2018 Michigan Gubernatorial website GretchenWhitmer.com , Nov 1, 2017 Gretchen Whitmer on Abortion


Helped Jennifer Granholm Create the “Lost Decade” in Michigan

The 2007 budget, which included Whitmer’s vote on HB 5198. This budget led to $1.35 billion in tax increases during the Granholm Administration.

Whitmer-Granholm comparisons continue: A look at voting history


Right to Work

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.24.04 AMKavanaugh disruptors and occupiers have nothing on Gretchen Whitmer
Whitmer participated in occupying the Capitol rotunda with hundreds of union members  blowing whistles and shouting slogans such as “Union buster” and “Right to work has got to go.”

And never once did Gretchen Whitmer condemned the intimidation and violence by right to work protesters
WARNING – Violence at the Capitol Tuesday?    RTW Passes as Union Thugs Rampage!



Gretchen Whitmer’s Endorsements are a Who’s Who of Leftists

Whitmer and ObamaIncluding Barack Obama

Obama endorses Whitmer, Slotkin, Stevens, other Mich. Dems

Whitmer Endorsements  


Whitmer Wants to Abolish ICE

In this video when asked if ICE should be abolished Gretchen Whitmer saids, Yeah!



Radical Running Mate

Garlin Gilchrist III was Whitmer choice for running mate as a nod to radical Progressive in her Party and to Detroit blacks who have historically voted Democrat.


Whitmer GilchistWho is he?

As a child, Gilchrist’s parents moved to Farmington in 1989 so he could get a better education than Detroit Public Schools offered.

Ironical fleeing from the Lost Decade his running mate helped to create

Like many young minds his age, Gilchrist left the state in the mid-2000s after college during Michigan’s decade long recession for better career opportunities,

Then, in 2008, he worked as a social media manager for the Barack Obama campaign. He later worked (“Community Organizer”) at the Center for Community Change (The Center for Community Change is a progressive community organizing group) and MoveOn.org (radical Leftist organization) in Washington, D.C., on campaigns to expand Medicaid, fight poverty and promote economic, racial and environmental justice.Gilchrist and M Moore

In 2014, he returned to Detroit, where he lives with his wife and their twin son and daughter. Since February, Gilchrist has served as the founding executive director of the Center for Social Media Responsibility at the University of Michigan.    U of M is currently embroiled in a free speech lawsuit

Gilchrist ran for Detroit city clerk in 2017 and was endorsed by a range of left-leaning groups, including Our Revolution, which grew out of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential run.

The Michigan Republican Party criticized Whitmer’s choice, saying Gilchrist is too inexperienced to run the state, if needed. A pro-Schuette super political action committee, noting Gilchrist’s work for MoveOn, pronounced the Whitmer-Gilchrist ticket as “the most liberal” in state history and criticized Gilchrist for filing campaign-finance reports late.  Whitmer taps Detroit-born ‘tech guru’ Gilchrist as Michigan running mate


Anti-Israel. anti-Christian Pro-Hamas

On January 4th, 2009, Gilchrist tweeted that he was sick of politicians and Evangelical Christians “kissing Israel’s ass.”

Gilchrist and Hamas“I’m suck [sic] of politicians and Evangelicals kissing Israel’s ass regardless of what they do in the name of ‘defense’.”

Two days later, Gilchrist expressed hope that then-President Barack Obama would end the “Israel-can-do-no-wrong approach”.

In a follow-up comment, Gilchrist expressed his support for the Gaza-based Hamas terror group as the ‘legitimate’ representative of Gaza, while condemning “Israeli aggression”.

“Hamas is a legitimately elected party that only rose to power b/c of Israeli aggression & Western complicity/enablement.”

On Friday, however, the Whitmer campaign released a statement from Gilchrist walking back his 2009 comments regarding Israel and Hamas.

Michigan Dem walks back claim Israel aggressor, Hamas legitimate


The Whitmer/Gilchrist ticket I believe is the most radical Leftist ticket in Michigan’s history.

A Whitmer/Gilchrist ticket is an anathema to every Trump policy which has produced, a thriving economy with new job opportunities; increased manufacturing in America; conservative Supreme Court appointments; a stronger, restored military; focused security in and outside our borders; respect for those who uphold and enforce our laws; protecting Life; upholding our 2nd Amendment.

A Whitmer/Gilchrist ticket will plunge Michigan into another Lost Decade of taxes and spending. Gretchen Whitmer’s plan for Michigan: $3B of promises and wishful thinking

And make no mistake, the repercussions of this election will be felt into the 2020 election.

Michigan has not been a RED state since 1988 and when you combine this ticket with Prop 2 and Prop 3 you see a Liberal Progressive scheme for Michigan to NEVER be a Red state again by any means necessary. 2018 is a path to 2020

It is IMPERATIVE that you vote and that you encourage your family, friends to vote.

But lets also acknowledge a reality, here are ONLY two candidates on the ballot that CAN win, Gretchen Whitmer or Bill Schuette. The choice is yours.

Gretchen Whitmer Bill Schuette Debate Schedule

The first debate will be from 7 to 8 p.m. Oct. 12 at WOOD studios in Grand Rapids. Rick Albin will moderate.

The second debate will be from 8 to 9 p.m. Oct. 24 at WDIV studios in Detroit. The moderators will be Kimberly Gill and Devin Scillian.

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