Apr 08 2019

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GAS TAX: What Republicans SHOULD Do

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 3.32.35 PM“Carpe diem”
“In my judgment it is not only ripe for the measure, but in danger of becoming rotten for the want of it.”

John Witherspoon (attributed), debate over the Declaration, July, 1776

“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the middle of wolves: be you therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matt. 10:16


Conservative Republicans, all Republicans have been presented with a golden opportunity.

When has there been one issue, especially in this politically divisive time where Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents all agree?

THAT issue is the forty-five cents gas tax increased supported by Governor Whitmer.

And Whitmer is taking heat from everyone.

MICHIGAN Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s budget proposal is taking a lot of heat for two of the tax ideas included—nearly tripling the state’s fuel taxes by raising the rates 45 cents per gallon and levying an income tax on pass-through entities with incomes over $50,000 in order to fund more retirement tax relief for seniors. Doubling the state’s EITC from 6% to 12% of the federal credit is also proposed to help offset the regressive impacts of raising the fuel tax, though ITEP analysis indicates that the lowest-income families is the state would still experience a net tax increase of around $50 a year. State Rundown 3/6: March Tax Debates Contain Sanity Amid Usual Madness

Whitmer takes flak for calling 20-cent gas tax hike ‘ridiculous’

Local electrician hopes to spark change with online petition – ‘No new gas tax in Michigan’

No one likes the gas tax hike and right now, no one likes Gov. Whitmer for proposing it ESPECIALLY after she called Bill Schuette ridiculous during the campaign debate for calling her out on wanted a twenty cent increase Did Governor Whitmer mislead voters during the campaign about increasing the gas tax?

So what should ALL Republicans do?


1. Apply a lot more heat.

Both the leader of the House, Lee Chatfield and the Senate Majority leader Mike Shirkey should be calling out Democrats and asking “Do you support a forty-five cent gas tax increase?!”

And asking “Where’s the Beef?” Where is the bill?

where's the bill?Both the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority leader House Speaker Lee Chatfield should take a page from the brilliant playbook of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell on the moronic “New Green Deal” from the equally foolish Alexandria Ocasio-Cotez AOC the oh so fresh so face it girl of the new Leftist/Socialist Democrat Party, call a press Conference and announce you WILL put the forty-five cent tax increase UP FOR A VOTE.

And lets see if Democrats produce a bill and if so how many Democrats will/would vote for it to support their governor’s plan and vote for a VERY unpopular tax.

I can guarantee you it won’t get any further than AOC’s Green Deal Senate vote.


2. Transportation Appropriations

So where does all the money go for transportation?




For a  down-loadable and printable version, click on “View this document on Scribd”

This chart represents just the state-generated revenue that’s credited to the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF). The MTF is mostly distributed in accordance with Act 51 of 1951.

That flowchart doesn’t include the federal funds that are made available to the state. The federal funds are the subject of this paper:



For a  down-loadable and printable version, click on “View this document on Scribd”


As you will see in the table at the end of this publication, over the last 15 years, federal aid highway funds used in Michigan highway programs ranged from $962 million to almost $1.4 billion.

Over the last five years it’s averaged about $1.1 billion.

Local road agencies get a share of that – between $250 million and $300 million each year.

The federal funds are allocated to states based on formula – there’s really nothing the state can do to draw additional federal aid.

HOWEVER, how the money is used or appropriated CAN be changed with more money going towards roads.

For example if you notice that $24,247,100 right off the top goes to DNR Recreation Improvement Fund
Part of that money goes to snowmobile trails. Does the fluctuating registration and trail permits for snowmobiles cover the costs? Snowmobiling is great sport however not everyone in Michigan snowmobiles however every snowmobiler uses the roads.

And we also need to remember that automobiles have become more gas efficient and therefore less gas is purchased than in the past. Also environmentalists along with Democrats are pushing for electric cars  without any special assessments for the roads they will be driven on. In addition to needing thousands of charging stations around the state. That means that gas purchased will be subsidizing these cars unless this is addressed.  As an avid RVer I also have to ask, can any of these electric cars pull a 30ft fifth wheel?


The Appropriations procedure is:

  • House and Senate sub committee chairs go through currents appropriations and can propose a budget like move money from one item or dept to roads.
  • This proposed budget then gets voted on by the Transportation sub committees
  • It then goes to the Full Appropriation Committees of both the House and Senate to be voted on and out
  • Then the House votes out their budget and the Senate does the same
    House votes for the Senate budget, Senate votes for the House budget. They typically vote each others budget down
  • Then Joint Conference Committees are formed to reconcile the differences
    At this point the governor seriously gets involved to interject her priories
  • The Conference Committees then vote out the budget they have agreed on
  • Then the House and Senate vote on the budget to send to the Governor


The good news is that Conservative Matt Maddock is the Transportation sub-chair in the House

Thursday, 10:30 A.M., Room 307, House Office Building, Lansing, MI
Committee Clerk: William Hamilton
Maddock (C), Yaroch (Maj. VC), Miller, Brann, Bollin, Peterson (Min. VC), Love

Conservative Shane Hernandez is House Appropriations Chair

The not so good news is that the Senate Transportation sub chair is Wayne Schmidt
Transportation who is no Conservative.
Senators Schmidt (C), Victory (VC), MacGregor, MacDonald, Zorn, Hollier (MVC), Bayer

Senator Jim Stamas is the Committee Chair

However, surely you would think that even Wayne Schmitt could see the advantage of Republicans putting the heat on Whitmer and be “the cavalry riding to the rescue” of Michigan taxpayers over an extremely unpopular tax? Surely. If not he should be encouraged to think so by Senate Majority leader Shirkey, his Republican colleagues, his constituents, and anyone reading this Newsletter!

3. Spring Break and YOUR Rep

Both Houses are currently on Spring break and having coffee klatsches and events in their districts. They should bring these Transportation charts and explain to their constituents how it all works and assure them that Republicans are busy making sure immediately via amended appropriations that Gov. Whitmer will not be able levy an outrageous 45cent gas tax or any tax on you and your families.

Go to your Reps events WITH these charts and ask for assurances that there will be NO gas tax increase under Republicans!

4. It only helps President Trump

Michigan is definitely in play in 2020. Assuming President Trump wins the states he did in 2016, it comes down to three states, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and MICHIGAN. He can lose one but no more of these states to be reelected.

Whitmer vs GOPRight now Gov. Whitmer is the bad guy and all Republicans need to keep it that way by being the good guys. Support changes to appropriations, look at ways to save contract and maintenance cost, COMMUNICATE it loud and often.

And right now Gov. Whitmer should not be the only target. Radical Attorney General Dana Nessel should be called out for trying to supersede her authority and build a “hit list” data base of organizations and people who simply disagree with her homosexual, transgender agenda and opinions.

Nessel made national news when she announced, “in partnership with Agustin Arbulu, director of the Michigan Department of Civil rights, say they will create a process to document incidents of hate and bias that don’t rise to the level of criminal or civil infractions.” Finley: AG Nessel puts civil liberties at risk

Michigan Attorney General Wants A Hate & Bias Database

“Should Michigan citizens be put into a Michigan run hate and bias database which will record incidents that don’t rise to the level of a crime but they believe are part of a group that expose’s hate?

Michigan Attorney General and Michigan Department of Civil Rights Director Agustin Arbulu believe so.

I cannot believe that I even have to report about this. Why would anyone believe there should be a state run database of people and groups that the Attorney General believes are part of a hate group that committed no crimes or advocated for any such crimes to occur?”

Tucker Carlson: We’re becoming an authoritarian society – and the group in charge is coming after Fox News

“Nessel is the attorney general of Michigan. She has created a special “hate crime unit,” whose charter is to investigate any organization identified as a “hate group” by the SPLC. This is what weaponized politics looks like. Criticize the people in charge, and the SPLC will sick men with guns on you. It’s terrifying.


Thank the Lord that someone is doing something to stop her….Law center files federal lawsuit against Nessel, state civil rights director

“An Ann Arbor-based law center filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Thursday against Attorney General Dana Nessel and Michigan Department of Civil Rights Director Agustin Arbulu for a policy it says unjustly targets the group for its political stances.”

The grassroots (and the public) need to hear from current MIGOP Chair Laura Cox on these issues and others OFTEN.

2020 is NOT business as usual. We need ALL hands on deck NOW. Building a smart, tough strategy and message to assure that President Trump wins Michigan.

A BIG part of that strategy is to keep Republicans the good guys and Democrats the bad guys.

You have the goose that laid the golden egg Republicans in the form of a forty-five gas tax that NO ONE wants. No Republican, no Democrat, no Independent and no Libertarian.

Either use it or walk away with egg on your collective face for Michigan and President Trump


Golden EggOR egg on face

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