Nov 08 2019

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Conservative Censorship on Facebook

Free Speech

Last night on Facebook hundreds if not thousands of Conservatives and Conservative Group owners and admins began receiving notifications from Facebook. Many Groups were private.

GiM and Rvers for TrumpMutiple posts removedGroup diaabled post

The notifications were about posts Facebook removed because of a violation of Community Standards, specifically and in every case the Community Standard Facebook cited was “Coordinating Harm”

However, because Facebook choose this particular violation, the so called offending and removed posts were not provided. No one knew what the content of the posts where! No action could be taken to report that this was a mistake, no appeal, no contact.

Coordinating harm

What I knew as one of many affected not only as an individual but as a Group Owner/Admin is that I did NOT post any content that was “Coordinating Harm” to anyone in any way shape or form.

FB CS Harm


So what was the content of the removed posts? After consulting with other Group owners and admins we came to the conclusion that it was ANY sort of post having to do with the alleged whistle blower, Eric Ciaramella

Posts about the Whistleblower

The post below had over 2,100 likes and 2,161 shares and was deleted!

Whistleblower reduced


These are the Groups that I know of SO FAR that were targeted and their members. I cross post to other groups as do others so my posts were removed in multiple groups not just my own, Grassroots in Michigan and RVers for Trump.


Women for Trump
Grassroots in Michigan
Trump Train
Michigan Trump Republicans
Conservative Breed Safety Laws Advocates
American Conservative RV’ers
The Truth Zone
RVers for Trump
The Arab American Conservative
Making Friends Through Donald Trump
Snowflakes Safespace And Buttercup Ranch
Americans Against Ilhan Omar
Americans Against Maxine Waters
“Michigan For Trump 2020!”

The bottom line is this was a massive effort by Facebook to apparently protect the “alleged whistle blower” by removing ANY posts by Conservatives and Conservative Groups that mentioned Eric Ciarmella or even posted pictures of him. And by using the “Coordinating Harm” charge hid the posts they deleted from the admins and any affected.

The bigger picture is of course that the whistler blower credibility is essential to the Democrats scam impeachment hearings as a coup to remove President Trump because excuse the pun, the elephant in the room is the Democrat fear that NO Democrat candidate can beat President Trump in 2020 so he must be sullied to a point before the election that he can not win.

And apparently Facebook is part of that conspiracy.


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  1. Carolyn VanZorge

    Excellent article…… to that list you can add
    Conservative GOP Women
    Conservatives United Against Facebook Censorship

  2. Mary Beth Martin

    Yes a post was blocked from my vigilant conservative friend.

  3. Scott Brown

    Frankly, I am surprised that the posts that included either the Leakers name or likeness were not immediately removed through some internal algorithm Implemented by FB to bury any discussion about this! These things are going to be disappeared upon creation as we move forward. I am no fan of the Zuckerberg thought police.

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