Mar 22 2021

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Fellow Conservative,


Obamacare 2.0 is well on it’s way here in Michigan. THESE BILLS ARE SLATED TO BE VOTED ON TOMORROW!!  Instead of moving to empower the free market and increase competition in the marketplace, House Republican Leadership and some Michigan House Republicans are Doubling Down on ObamaCare.

The package of bills will:

  • Increase Government Regulation
  • Increase Bureaucratic Oversight
  • Require Price Controls
  • Institute New Mandates
  • Expand Occupational Licensure

I am not surprised by the support of Democrats for increasing government regulation, bureaucracy, price controls, and mandates.  This is in keeping with solutions put forth in ObamaCare.

C-BROWNI am deeply dismayed state House Republicans may surrender to Democrats on the Healthcare Issue this coming week. Will ObamaCare 2.0 be the legacy of the 2021 Michigan legislature and Speaker Wentworth’s crowning achievement?

Take Action

This package is slated for passage in the state house next week.  Contact your state representative immediately and urge them to oppose the 2021 House “Bipartisan” Health Care Plan (House Bills 4345 – 4359)Find your legislator by clicking here.


Increase Cost to Job Providers …. 

HB 4346 places an arbitrary $50 price cap on insurance co-pays for insulin.  An estimated 225,000 Michiganders are on Insulin.

Price controls, mandates and drug parity laws lead to increased costs.  The Michigan Manufacturers Association points out this legislation will increase the cost of employer-provided healthcare.  That could be why big and small businesses oppose this legislation including:

  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • Michigan Chamber of Commerce
  • Small Business Association of Michigan
  • Michigan Manufacturers Association
  • Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce

Why are other life-saving drugs not capped? Per DrugReport.com the cost of 20 of the 50 most prescribed drugs in America exceeds $50 per prescription.

Further the American Action Forum reports,

“By the end of 2020, nearly all existing patents for insulin products will have expired and a regulatory pathway for biosimilar insulin in the United States will be available—changes that should facilitate downward price pressure.”

Free market and competition come to the rescue; so why are we wasting time and setting a dangerous precedent?

Anesthesia: A Drug Induced Coma.

Administration of anesthesia in simplest of terms: “It’s a reversible coma, but it’s nevertheless a coma,” Emery Brown, a professor of anesthesiology at Harvard Medical School stated in the Dec. 30, 2010 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

MI State House Health Committee:  Let Nurse Anesthetists Induce Your Coma.

HB 4359 would allow Nurse Anesthetists to administer anesthesia to patients without the supervision of an Anesthesiologist.

The legislation has ZERO additional training requirements and ELIMINATES physician oversight. At the same time Nurse Anesthetists are pursuing unionization across the state.  Combined with current law, HB 4359 gives this subspecialty the best of both worlds – Independence and Unionization.

A leading conservative voice Senator Pat Colbeck, when voting no on similar legislation in 2016 stated:

“If you’re concerned about the continued decrease in the quality standards in the wake of the passage of this Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), … about the continued push for mediocrity or good enough is good enough, and if you want … citizens (to) have the best available services with the most training …, then I urge you to join me in a “No” vote” - Senate Journal 63, page 1541, Sept. 8, 2016 on SB 1019

It is worth noting the Michigan Nurses Association who strongly supports this bill was a primary supporter of the expansion of ObamaCare in Michigan. In the 2020 general election, 96% of the MI Nurses Assoc. PAC donations went to Democrats (mostly in competitive elections).

Sounds Good (But is it really that good?)

HB 4349 requires a hospital to post its “ChargeMaster” on its website.  Great!  Transparency.  However, this is already required by a federal rule.  This is important to put into law but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a new groundbreaking requirement.

Bottom Line

Overall, this legislation increases costs, requires transparency that is already legally required, creates new licensure requirements on a non-medical profession, increases the cost burden on job providers, and lowers the standard of care for patients.

Again, find your legislator by clicking here. Urge them to oppose this mostly ill conceived “bi-partisan” Health Care Plan or will be be forced to bring the “ObamaCare Wall of Shame!”

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