Sep 09 2010

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Michigan Sovereignty Tea Party at the Capitol 10-10-10

10-10-10 in Support of the 10th Amendment

Michigan Patriots!!
Join your fellow Michigan patriots as we support our 10th Amendment Sovereignty rights against Unconstitutional Federal over reach such as ObamaCare, a prime example of national law that oversteps state jurisdiction and results in the loss of rights of Michigan’s citizens!

Date: Sunday October 10, 2010
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Michigan State Capitol
100 N. Capitol
Lansing, MI 48933

Sign Contest- We LOVE your Signs!! Top 3 Creative and Artistic Signs will receive a Prize!!

Concessions by Clint’s Hot Dogs
(All American Food and Drink)
Speakers Include:

Mark Lerner- co-Founded two national organizations; the Constitutional Alliance and Stop Real ID Coalition and is the author of the new book and DVD, “Your Body is Your ID”  Available at the event.  Mark has spent the last six years openly speaking out against the same industry he once supported.  He has testified before many state legislatures, including Michigan on the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and national/international identification cards. Website Click HERE.
Rep. Paul Opsommer- has been on the forefront in Michigan introducing sovereignty legislation including HJR YY , HB6414  and in the fight against the RFID “enhanced” drivers license in Michigan. Website Click HERE.
Bill Schuette- GOP candidate for Attorney General is a former Congressman, Director of Michigan Department of Agriculture, Michigan State Senator and Michigan Appeals Court Judge and currently an attorney. Website Click HERE.

Ruth Johnson- GOP candidate for Secretary of State, former Michigan House Rep currently Clerk and Registry of Deeds for Oakland County, second largest County. Ruth’s investigation helped to expose the “fake” Tea Party and keep them off the November general election ballot. Website Click HERE.

Volunteers-  If you would like to help with the TEA Party- please contact Volunteer Coordinator Alexis Millisor: alexismillisor@hotmail.com



September 11, 2001 marks the day when thousands of American citizens were
murdered in a terrorist attack the on World Trade Center, the Pentagon,
American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines
Flight 77, and United Flight 93. That day, left 2,740 dead, 1,609 people
lost a spouse or partner and more than 3,051 children lost parents.

We must never forget those thousands of our fellow Americans or there families and importantly we must never forget that we are still engaged in a war with an enemy who wants to kill us simply because we are Americans and have freedom of worship

Remembering 9-11 Slide Show

Michiganders, 2010 is the year that we must and will TAKE MICHIGAN BACK!

The 2010 elections are only 52 days away!

This is one of the most important elections in our life time.

For 2010 we must turn our attention to home, to our beloved Michigan. As
Michiganders we have seen the results of the same liberal’s policies that
the Obama regime is now trying to implement. After 8 years of liberal
“leadership” Michigan is in shambles. Unemployment is at almost 15%, the Car
Capitol of the World has seen a government take over of GM, jobs evaporate,
foreclosures rise and families leave.

Michiganders, 2010 is the year that we must and will TAKE MICHIGAN BACK!

If we are honest with ourselves we must take responsibility for not being
educated and active in the polices that have shaped our lives and hurt
Michigan. We need to change that, for our state, our families, and our
future. We must muster all soldiers in the Constitutional Conservative army!

But How Do We Accomplish This?


1.     Identify Constitutional Conservative Candidates to support with character, in all offices, local, county, state, school boards, and court system, who believe that holding office is a civic duty and that the government is the problem not the answer.

2.     Campaigns need two things: People and Money
We must support these candidates with time and/or money. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 hour or 40 hours to give, $5 or $5,000. What matters is that you become engaged. Any campaign will plug you in, in an area that you are comfortable with. Literature drops, phone, banks, admin, door-to door etc are opportunities.
Michiganders- We have a tremendous opportunity in 2010!

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  1. Duane Hershberger

    I have posted about this rally twice at The Other Club, but I am reluctant to link here with the obvious typo in the title. Call me prissy, but it only takes 3 seconds to fix.

    1. admin

      Ok your prissy ;-)
      Most people miss spell Sovereignty so I completely over looked Capitol!
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