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Find your Michigan Representative (by zip code)

Find your Michigan Senator (by zip code)

Michigan Legislature Website-The Michigan constitution, statutes, and all pending legislation. Committee Meetings, Bills and Public Acts are archived back to the 2001 legislative session

How a Bill Becomes Law in Michigan

Michigan Courts

Historical Documents Related to the Laws of Michigan
The Magna Carta
The Declaration of Independence
The United States Constitution
Government of the Northwest Territory
Michigan Constitution of 1835
Michigan Constitution of 1850
Michigan Constitution of 1908

Constitution of Michigan 1963

Find your Federal, State Representatives and Local Officials

GovTrack- Tracks bills, votes,senators and representatives

How a Bill Becomes Law (Federal)

Mega Vote:Track your Senators’ and Representative’s votes by e-mail…Use this weekly vote monitor to track the decisions made by your elected officials on key issues.

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